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What is PHP?

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What is PHP?

Post by Sfinx on Thu Nov 29, 2012 11:05 am

What is PHP?

It is a programming language that is used in web pages’ design and it is ran on the server computer (server side language); That means the internet visitors doesn't see the PHP codes, all that they see is html codes, and effects of PHP codes will be appear in html format. So here we have safe programming that nobody can understand what we have written originally!

The PHP programming in the web is similar to C language in the windows or dos, though some differences exist. The syntaxes are almost the same. It can be ran on the Linux servers on the web and it can be matched with wide range of other servers and web browsers.


To begin working with PHP you need a host for testing or running and debugging. You can buy it from internet or register a free one. They aren't hard to get found. Another choice is to make your computer working as a host. In this way your computer host name is 'local host' and you can access it usually by typing '' in one web browser such as 'Microsoft Internet Explorer'. It’s better to read html tutorial before any web programming, here we don't spend time for it because of wide range of our discussion. Now let's start the tutorial!

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