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What is JavaScript?

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What is JavaScript?

Post by Sfinx on Thu Nov 29, 2012 10:54 am

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What is JavaScript?

It is a web programming language that has a communication with HTML elements and their values. It can add or remove some effects to them and handle events which happen in the page. JavaScript is client side language, i.e. it is ran on visitors’ computers not on a web server; So when you run a clock script with Java, it gets the time from your computer clock.

What are the differences between Java and JavaScript?

It is better to ask what are the similarities except the name? Java is a language that can create special objects for being inserted in a web page as an ‘Applet’. It is more complex language than JavaScript. JavaScript is a language inserted directly among HTML cods and no compiling or extra resources is needed to get ran. But, Java needs its package to be downloaded and installed on your computer.

Introduction (JavaScript and HTML):

Before you can start JavaScript programming, you must know HTML coding. You must create your own page by one HTML editor (such as notepad) as we have said in HTML tutorial. Tables, anchors, images, forms, paragraphs, divs and etc. are HTML elements and designed by HTML language; Then it’s the time to put your java codes to make your page more intelligent; No extra editor or component is needed. You can also let visitors to edit your HTML codes with JavaScript.

JavaScript codes are added in the part of HTML pages. To start JavaScript tag, follow this structure:







Between the red tags is the place to put JavaScript expressions. Notice that the line formation is not important (you can write all codes in one line!) and the codes are sensitive to capital and small letters.

We will introduce the codes step by step during our lessons…

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